Code for other Galleries

If you want to post you post on an online gallery and do not want it to say - More Details on my Blog:

If you enter this code only the Purple word will appear as a clickable link to take you to that direct post. (please remember to click you post title on your blog before putting the URL in place or it will link to your home page and not to that direct post.)

[url=]More information on My Blog[/url]

So it will look like this: More information on My Blog

So the red is what you change for your URL and the purple is what will show. (You can change that to whatever you want it to say.

Adding Navigation Links

Go to your Design/Content page.  On the top you will see a bar that says "Navagation Bar"  Click the pencil at the end of the bar. Under the "Title" put the words you would like to show on the tab.  In the box "URL" put your destination where you want the browser to end up.  Click OK once you have filled in what you like.

Adding a blog post to a Facebook Business page.

Click the title of the Post so that it is the only post on the page.  At the bottom of the post you will see a green symbol with "Share This" after it.  If you hover over the green symbol a box will pop up, click on the Facebook link. A new box will open- on the top of that box you will see "Share on your Timeline.  Since we want this to be on your Business page you will want to click that to open the options, choose Share on a Page you Manage, a new box will open next to that.  Make sure it is on the correct Business Page.  In the bottom right hand corner click share and it will post to your page.

If you want to post it to your Personal page  just open up you feed page and the new post should show under your Business title.  Click Share and your Business Feed will be posted for your personal friends to see too.

Remember you cannot promote a business directly through a personal page according to FB regulations.  You can share a post from one to the other though. From Facebook regulations
  1. You will not use your personal timeline primarily for your own commercial gain, and will use a Facebook Page for such purposes.

Change or add Catalogs

From your Design Tab, choose Content.
To change the Annual Catalog you will need to change both the image and the location of the catalog.  If you click the pencil it will open up the code. you will see this:

< a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo Catalog_zps73e54837.jpg"/></a >

In this code the Red section is the location that the PDF file is stored.  Just open the file through the SU, copy the URL and paste it in here, making sure that the " " are left at the beginning and at the end.

The Purple section is where the catalog image is stored.  There are 2 ways to get the image here.
1.)Save the image to your computer, upload it somewhere and then post that link here.
2.)  The other way would be to hover over the image, click with the right mouse button and open image in new tab.  Then open that tab, copy the URL and paste it in the purple section here.  Again, you must make sure to keep the " " intact.

To add a new catalog:  Still in your Design/Content Tab- Categories-Widget, Module-Embed your own HTML, Click the Add Module Button.  A box will open.  Title it the name of the Catalog so it is easy to find for editing later.  Copy and paste the above HTML code, change the red and purple code to fit the new catalog. Click OK.  You will need to drag it to the location you want it.  It will automatically be put in the top left hand column.